Monday, February 18, 2019

Operating System Zero ep.3 (A Flash Fiction Serial)

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Episode 3

     I hit the floor, not thinking about what I would land on before I jumped. The System Zero GPS hit the ground first, and I followed by falling on top of it. Knowing how fragile technology sometimes can be, my body nor my brain seemed to remember that when I was lunging through the air.
     I roll over wondering what Curtis was warning me on. Andy, the butcher, form the local grocery two blocks over, stands over me looking like had he the crap beat out of him. His canine teeth are dripping blood. I pull my pistol from its holster and unload the low capacity clip into Andys's body in an assortment of locations.
    Each bullet enters Andy's body, and he never bleeds. They absorb into his flesh. Andy does not look the way he did before he absorbed the shots. He looks stronger. Why!
     “Curtis…” I say with a puzzled sound in my voice.
     I'm still watching Andy, and the confusion in his eyes is frightening on its own. I shake The System Zero GPS.
     “Curtis, can you hear me?” I say raising my voice.
     I shake the GPS harder and watch the screen power down. I glide my eyes from the screen watching Andy move closer as I lay on my back crawling backward. Thinking I may have hope, I feel the blood drop from his teeth on to my leg. I keep crawling backward. He grabs my foot and my faith. I squint my eyes shut and yell, "Help!!!"
     The front door of my house is kicked open; my eyes shut, but the sound is unmistakable. I open my eyes and see Curtis standing on the opposite side of the den holding an attachment to his GPS looking like a gun.
     "Don't shoot!" I yelled, knowing the bullet would be my death ticket.
     "Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
     Curtis holds his System Zero GPS eye level and says, "Hold on to your guts."
     Curtis types a code. A digital claw, the size of a human hand and molting red hot flies from the back of The System Zero GPS connected gun followed by an attached digital chain entering Andy square in his back. Not sure of the outcome or even actually what is going on, I watch the chain and claw withdraws from his back, and before it reaches The System Zero GPS gun, it turns white hot annihilating any existence of Andy's heart or blood. I stare in amazement as I watch Andy fall lifeless and motionless at my feet. Curtis throws me a towel.
     "You might want to get his blood off your skin. If it soaks in and gets into your bloodstream your screwed," says Curtis.
     "What the..." I say, frantically getting Andy's blood off my legs.
     I can't help myself but watch Curtis as I thoroughly get the remaining part of Andy's blood off my legs. He is inspecting his GPS intensely. Like he seems to know something about it from out of nowhere.
     "How did you know how to make The System Zero GPS be able to do what you just did?" I say.
     "First you have to check this out," he says, as he motions me to the front door. 
     He pushes back the door that barely hangs on its hinges and steps aside. I slowly look around the door frame not wanting to have the same incident I just had with Andy but what I see laying in the street is a whole army of dead humans that look precisely like Andy. 
     "What the..."
     "Say hi to what happened when we were in the fallout shelters for no more than 5 days."


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