Saturday, February 2, 2019

Operating System Zero ep.2 (A Flash Fiction Serial)

If you missed episode one click here to read.

Episode 2

     I wonder what the hell happened as each day passed. I took refuge in the small square fallout shelter that was placed in my house by my employer. Hopefully, Rick did the same. I have not spoken with Rick in 5 days, the day all hell broke loose, and I am starting to get Closter phobic in my small 8x8 emergency cell. I am glad today is the day our emergency manual says we can exit the shelters to search for answers.
     I push open the door wearing my emergency approved gas mask carrying the System Zero GPS and am overwhelmed with an avalanche of ashes that fill the shelter. The ash kills my half ate odd-tasting vegan Danish pastry, five days of those things just for breakfast can make cabin fever show its crazy face even faster. I guess that was the silver lining.
     "Can anyone hear me..." Blares The System Zero GPS as I lay it on the floor exiting the fallout shelter.
     The System Zero GPS did not activate itself until it was out of the shelter due to the massively shielded walls which would not allow any satellite signals to feed through. I grab the GPS, "Who is this?"
     "What do you mean who is this. Five days and you forgot my name? No wonder a one night stand is a long-lasting relationship for you.”
     " Rick?"
     "Where are you?”
     " Press the 'Home Button' on your GPS."
     The screen lights up on my GPS and freezes on an activation screen with an input box. "What is..."
     "Press the input box and speak your daily work password."
     "KermitTotes9mm..." I say hopefully.
     "What's up with you and the Muppets?"
     "Did it work?"
     "No, " I say with disgust.
     "Try you clearance badge code, " says Rick questionably.
     "Kermit22986..." I say as the screen on the GPS begins to flicker.
     I see Rick on the screen smiling at me. "Wow, I'm impressed with the high HD compression codec it is using."
     "Yeah that's hard not to notice, " says Rick.
     I keep my eyes on the screen and notice the layout in Rick's house is an exact duplicate of mine, minus a few colors and pictures. Time stops for me, as I start thinking: I remember when I was younger and myself despising conformism, and how I live now. I blow it off by consoling my thoughts, "You gotta give a little to make a little."
     "Did you say something, " says Rick.
     "I was just thinking out loud, " I say.
     I still have my eyes glued to the screen on the surroundings of Rick in his house, and I notice someone walk across the hallway behind him. Or was that maybe a shadow from a possible flickering light?  Questioning what it might be, I turn and look into my house as some of the emergency lights are flickering. They seem to have invited a whole circus of shadows into my home.
Thinking nothing of it, I turn back to the GPS screen and see the shadow in Rick's hallway once again.
     "Rick I didn't know you had company..."
     The shadow is shedding its darkness with every step, the closer it gets. The puzzled look on Rick's face slowly vanishes as his eyes see mine. With no question, he lunges forward as the figure reaches for him with blood stains on its mouth and the look of death in its eyes.


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