"Healed To Kill"
(Flash Fiction)
The blood was dripping from his fingertips, hitting the ground like large drops of rain making contact to a thick puddle. He thought it would never happen. His dream had finally come true.
“Why…” quietly asked the mugger as he was gasping for air.
“Justice, the way it was meant to be,” he said with a grovel in his voice.
He twisted the knife deep into the mugger’s organs. The small flow of blood turned into a spray. The blood looked like a sprinkler taking life instead of offering it.
The mugger dropped to the ground, hitting the puddle even harder than the large drops of blood. Breathing his last breath never closing his eyes.
He stared down, looking at the mugger’s open dead eyes, and feeling like his new life had just started. His new mission finally had a heartbeat.
Looking into the dead man’s eyes, he saw a reflection. The reflection of his wife and child brutally murdered in the dark streets of New York City. Feeling the new heartbeat, he could feel the old heart, hurting. His broken heart can only be healed to kill.

 Copyright © 2018 Mark Wright

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